spending your card

In Person Transactions

Simply insert your card chip up into the card reader, check the amount on the screen and once this is correct, enter your PIN number. Provided there are the funds on your card to cover the spend, the transaction will be approved and the balance on your card reduced by your spend.

Online Transaction

Shopping on-line is simple. Enter your 16-digit card number, expiry date, from the front of the card and the last 3-digits on the signature stripe on the back of card if a ‘CVV’ or security code is required.

Shopping Abroad

No problem, you can use your card anywhere you see the MasterCard®, acceptance mark The local currency will simply be converted to Euros and deducted from your card balance. You can even make ATM withdrawals if required. Click here for applicable fees.

We recommend you download our app so you can access view your balance and manage your card on the go.